Sand Bar, Bulubadiangan, Concepcion, Iloilo, Philippines

A day off after months of monotonous work.

Summer end is fast approaching and I don’t even have a beach summer story yet. The famous Isla de Gigantes is already packed with tourist and besides I have already gone to it last year. I want another beach to chill on to. So, my “beach buddies” and I decided to go somewhere who is not yet discovered by most people.

The island is just a few minutes ride from the local town. The cottage is also cheap, we have rented a 500-peso worth cottage which can accommodate more than ten people. The entrance fee is 25 pesos for the adult and 15 pesos for the kids. There are also cheaper cottages available, it just so happen that there are people who arrived earlier than us.

The island is just a small island which you can swim in either direction. If high tide, the water is just 8-meters away from our cottage and a portion of the sandbar is also visible where you can walk meters away and feel the heat of the sun in your face and feel the waves on your feet. But, if it’s low tide you can walk a hundred meters far of sandbar which it can almost reach another island. It is a nice place for some people who have deeper thoughts. The waves and the sands synchronize¬†with your emotion.

The water is clear as what you want it to be.

Serene. Peaceful. Clean. Picturesque.