How To Know When You’re NOT In Love

Thought Catalog

They say “you know when you know” but I don’t think that’s entirely true. Sometimes, you want so badly to be in love that for the time being you think you are. You can confuse lust with love and love with lust in a relationship. You also could be trying to replicate a past love, trying to remember how it felt to be so desperately in love that it hurt. Maybe you’re trying to feel the way you did back then, but you just can’t force feelings. The present moment is nowhere near your past love and you keep trying to reach that ecstasy and intoxicating level of love. But it doesn’t come. When your relationship inevitably ends, you aren’t heartbroken. And that’s when you know you weren’t in love.

Looking back on it, you knew you weren’t in love when it was midnight and you never played back the…

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